Hello from Battle Mountain, Nevada. We live on the high desert of north central Nevada on
Interstate 80 about 300 miles west of Salt Lake City and 250 miles east of Reno.

We have a small operation
, concentrating on raising horses with correct conformation and
athletic ability.
Several of our mares are line bred Wiescamp, the others are mostly Barlink
Macho Man bred. I grew up in a family that raises Wiescamp bred horses and have always
really liked the bloodline. For quite a few years I was out of the horse business and then had the
opportunity (thanks to my very supportive husband, Jerry) to get involved with them again. As
most of us do, I went back to the line of horses I knew best and slowly begin to accumulate a
couple of mares. I was very interested in raising a few paint and /or quarter horse foals that
would halter and perform.

The Wiescamp line is one of the most versatile there is and so that was the direction I took.
Then I was introduced to the Barlink line of paint horses and in researching
them, I found that
they originated from mostly Wiescamp, Three Bars and Leo bloodlines. (Hank used several
Three Bars bred stallions in his out crosses) To give you a bit of background to the Barlink
bloodline, the sire of Barlink Macho Man is Tuffys Two Spades; he is by Tardy Tuffy 1 who is
mostly Leo and Three Bars bred and out of Jay Kay Sue Cash and she is by Silver Cash and out
of a Wiescamp/Showdown mare. The dam to Barlink Macho Man is partly Three Bars and Leo
bred. I had the opportunity to get to know Chuck and Kay Simmelink who started this line of
horses, and was impressed with the fact that they originally started to raise their horses for
performance and ended up with a line that could halter and perform. I then decided that this
might be a great cross, and acquired several mares that were daughters or granddaughters of
Barlink Macho Man.

Thanks for stopping by!
Jerry & Theresa LeRoy
JT Paints & Quarter Horses
Jerry & Theresa LeRoy
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